Kunti K. released due to a procedural error

Kunti K., who was in pre-trial detention in Paris on suspicion of crimes against humanity and torture, was released at the end of last week due to a procedural error. Kunti K. is subject to conditions of release, including being prohibited from leaving France.

Kunti K. was arrested in September 2018 while trying to flee France. Civitas Maxima and its sister organisation in Liberia, the Global Justice and Research Project, publicly congratulated the French and Liberian authorities in June 2019 on carrying out investigations on the ground in Liberia, demonstrating the real progress made in this case.

Civitas Maxima represents several victims who have become civil parties against Kunti K. The association is itself a civil party in this case.

We share the deep concern of our Liberian sister organization regarding this unexpected development, and urge the French authorities to ensure that the conditions of release placed on Kunti K. are adequate to ensure that he does not evade justice by leaving French territory, as he has tried to do in the past.

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