GJRP’s Deputy Director Fayah Williams passes away

It is with great sadness that we communicate that Fayah Williams, Deputy Director of GJRP, passed away on April 12, 2022. 

Fayah had been part of GJRP since its creation in 2012, and was an integral part of the organization.

One always felt seen by Fayah. His care and concern for the victims was unparalleled, and his commitment to justice and truth exemplary. He was an anchor to friends and colleagues who orbited around his love for life, his generous and respectful nature, his kindness, and empathy.

All of us colleagues and friends from Civitas Maxima and the GJRP will sorely miss him, and we are close to his family in this moment of grief.

One thought on “GJRP’s Deputy Director Fayah Williams passes away

  1. Very sorry to learn of this yesterday.
    Fayah worked with me on the Taylor case 2013 to 2015 and was an excellent dedicated and kind person. A very sad loss

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