2022 Annual Report

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Dear friends and colleagues,

Our annual reports have grown at the same pace of the organization: in the past years, our annual reports have become full-fledged publications, showcasing articles and opinion pieces by experts and protagonists in the field of international justice. 

This annual report is a particularly special edition to us, as it also marked our 10th anniversary. In these 10 years our work facilitated one way or another 10 (public) cases, leading to 9 arrests and 4 convictions, in 6 different countries across 3 continents. We wanted to take stock of the work done so far, and therefore this annual report counts more than 100 pages and sees the contribution of 20 authors – including ambassadors, judges, lawyers, scholars, journalists, board members, and staff. 

The first two parts of our annual report are dedicated to this anniversary. The first section showcases some of the historic cases and people that have shaped the world of international criminal justice, paving the way to our work. The second section is dedicated to how organizations like Civitas Maxima fill the “impunity gap” which, nolens volens, bigger mechanisms cannot fill. 

Finally, we discuss the highlights of our work in 2022. Like every year, 2022 has been no exception when it comes to the sheer volume of activities the organization was involved in. 2022 has saw two arrests in the United States, an acquittal in Finland, assisting the Ukrainian NGO Truth Hounds in filing a denunciation with the Attorney General of Switzerland for an attack on a Swiss journalist by Russian forces, and finally the trial and verdict of rebel commander Kunti Kamara at the Assize Court of Paris, which was the first trial for crimes against humanity in France not related to the Rwandan genocide. You can read about these events and more on our report. 

The annual report concludes with our financial statement for the year 2022, and a list of institutions and foundations that have supported our work. To them, and our private donors – who year after year place their unwavering trust and support in our work – we are incredibly grateful. 

You can download and read the Annual Report here.

The team of Civitas Maxima 

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