Civitas Maxima works towards the realization of its vision of a world where all forgotten victims of international crimes have access to fair and impartial justice mechanisms, and perpetrators are held accountable. In view of the very low number of concrete cases and convictions in the field of international criminal law, Civitas Maxima has been running, since 2012, unique work models based on innovative methods through extraterritorial cases (such as close partnerships with local actors, a bottom-up approach to investigations, and a flexible legal strategy for case initiation), in order to enhance access to justice for victims of international crimes.

As Civitas Maxima has been successfully working for over 8 years with very concrete results, we believe there is significant benefit in sharing our methodology, lessons learned, and work with grassroots organizations working in other countries/continents. For this purpose, we set up a Knowledge and Training Pillar within our Legal Unit.

Under this pillar we:

1) Facilitate the training of lawyers and investigators in different jurisdictions to better equip them to investigate and bring extraterritorial cases in front of national courts. We provide customized trainings based on our work model to selected local groups and victims’ associations.

2) Make relevant know-how on strategic litigation cases available (e.g. on where and how to initiate, support, and participate in international crimes cases in different foreign domestic legal systems).

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