Trial Monitoring

Civitas Maxima believes that local populations, those who bear the consequences of the gravest war crimes and human rights violations committed in their countries, have the right to accessible and unbiased information about any trials of alleged war criminals, even those that take place in other countries.

This is why we engage in trial monitoring, so that what is being said in court is available to all, especially those that cannot travel to witness the trial themselves.

Day by day, trained legal staff writes down exactly what is happening in Court. Weekly reviews are also available, which summarize the week.

Click on the icons to access each trial monitoring.

Artistic impression of Gibril Massaquoi, former ULIMO commander, by JP Kalonji
Trial Monitoring: Gibril Massaquoi
Artistic impression of Alieu Kosiah by JP Kalonji
Trial Monitoring: Alieu Kosiah
Trial Monitoring: Thomas Woewiyu
Trial Monitoring: Mohammed Jabbateh