Why Civitas Maxima?

Civitas Maxima, founded in 2012, has established itself in less than 8 years as one of the only organizations in the world capable – without any state funding – of legally representing hundreds of victims of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and torture, and of achieving concrete results for these victims (arrests, prosecutions, and convictions).

Civitas Maxima’s work contributes to the capacity building of local partners, thus strengthening both civil society and democracy in our focus countries. Through artistic projects involving theatre and cartooning, we have undertaken outreach programs in collaboration with our partners in Africa which aim to communicate with local populations about the trials of alleged war criminals happening abroad.

Unique and innovative in its methodology, our work is recognized by the world’s most renowned private grant-giving foundations in the field of human rights.

As an acknowledgement of Civitas Maxima’s exemplary legal work, the Geneva Bar Association awarded its director, Alain Werner, the “Bâtonnier Michel Halpérin de l’Excellence” prize in April 2019.

How can I donate?
Online donations
Bank Transfers

Beneficiary / Location: Civitas Maxima/ 1204 Geneva

Name of financial institution: Credit Suisse AG, Avenue d’Ouchy 52, Case postale 5722, CH-1002 Lausanne.

Clearing Number: 4835

IBAN in Swiss CHF:
CH02 0483 5158 9117 3100 0

IBAN in US $:
CH65 0483 5158 9117 3200 0

IBAN in €:
CH38 0483 5158 9117 3200 1

IBAN in £:
CH11 0483 5158 9117 3200 2

Online donations for American friends of Civitas Maxima

Support us with tax-deductible donation online to our American Friends of Civitas Maxima Fund hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation.

The King Baudouin Foundation is a registered American 501(c)(3) public charity.

Swiss-based donors – Pink Slip (BVR)

For our Swiss-based donors, for donations by pink slip (BVR) at the post office, please fill in the information below:
Transfer to: Civitas Maxima – 1204 Genève
IBAN: CH27 0900 0000 1471 7485 0
Account Number: 14-717485-0

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